Super Mario Run Review
Today is December 15th and Super Mario Run is out!!!!! This is such a historic moment for the entire gaming industry because this is the first time that Nintendo has brought a classic Nintendo property to a non Nintendo platform. I've always said that Nintendo and Apple could be brothers because they like building the entire experience. For years I have enjoyed Super Mario Bros 3 through an emulator on my iPhone but that is slightly illegal. I grew up with SMB3 on the NES so I have a special place in my heart for Mario and having an all new version specifically written for iOS is magical in my eyes.

Let's start with the game play, it uses a pretty standard auto running side scroll layout. It's not necessarily a bad thing but it has been done before. That being said, it's a lot of fun! It's so much fun to have "legal" Mario running on my iPhone. The game is very fast and fluent and I have not experienced any stuttering. Since Mario is constantly running, you can tap the screen and it'll make Mario jump. Now there are special blocks that pause Mario, these are kind of like check points. Mario automatically jumps whenever near an obstacle and Mario will automatically jump over enemies. I like this aspect as a basic game but I would like a little more control over these elements. For example I tend to miss the "?" Blocks because I cant slow down and jump under them. Other than that it is really fun! There are also special purple coins you can collect though I'm not entirely sure what those do.

The graphics looks really good. It feels like an iOS application but at the same time Super Mario Run adapts a lot of Nintendo's user interface style and I feel it's like the perfect blend. The app's UI just looks fun, it is really approachable and the simplistic game play lets anyone play without feeling intimidated. The only disappointment I have with this game is that it's only optimized for iPhone. It'll of course run on iPad but it will just be an upscale phone game. I also would love to see this come to Apple TV. Nintendo wouldn't have to change their game play style because they could adapt Siri Remote controls but I feel this would not happen because Nintendo just wants to keep Mario for TVs exclusive to their console which is perfectly understandable.

Let's talk price vs what you get. Super Mario Run is free to download and play but if you want to unlock everything in one foul swoop for $9.99. It is nice that it can be played for free but I have a feeling that most players will pay the $10. I really hope Nintendo makes a decent profit on this because this is the first time they've done this and I want it to be a very good impression on the company. I read a report that even though Nintendo didn't make Pokémon Go, they still made more off the game than they did from their hardware business. Pokémon Go is a niche market compared to Mario and that makes me think that this will instantly become the most popular game on the App Store ever. I even expect some App Store outages later today because of it. If you don't want to pay $10 to Nintendo that's fine. Think of it this way, that $10 you're paying will help fund more Nintendo properties to come to iOS and I think that's well worth it. Let's be honest, if Zelda came to iOS productivity world wide would just plummet! So should you get SMR? Well that's your call. I personally think its a fantastic game and I can't wait to stop typing this review and get to it!!
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