Smooth iPhone Wallet Case Review
While Smooth did supply this case for review, I will not let that influence my opinions. When Smooth contacted me I was very excited as I've been looking for a good wallet case for my iPhone. As a fun fact, my first iPhone case for my iPhone 3G was a wallet case. Where Smooth's case stands out is that their wallet does not interfere with the iPhone's screen or camera. Most wallet cases (including Apple's) fold over the screen meaning you have to undo your wallet every time you want to use your iPhone. Then when the wallet is folded onto the back of your iPhone it'll block the camera (again like Apple's.) This could also be a concern since your wallet is fully open, your credit cards or cash could easily fall out. Smooth solved this by only having the wallet snap onto the back of the iPhone meaning you can use your iPhone without having to open your wallet. Smooth's case also doesn't block the camera meaning you can take photos without worry your wallet will get into the shot.

Smooth engineered their case so it fully exposes your iPhone's buttons. This is great as you don't get that mushy "fake" button most cases have. Smooth's case also doesn't free-float your iPhone which means your iPhone will fit securely without it moving all around. Referencing my iPhone 3G wallet case, my iPhone would float freely in the case and would often move to a position where the case would block the camera and I'm very happy that Smooth's case does not do that. Smooth's case also includes a nice screen lip meaning you can rest your iPhone's screen on a surface without worry it'll get scratched.

I will have to say that Smooth's case is a very feminine design. I feel this is mostly due to the button appearance on the wallet clasp. Smooth's wallet clasp is magnetic so it can self align and snap when closing the wallet. A fun bonus with the wallet is that it doubles as a kickstand for the iPhone. I feel the kickstand is mostly an after thought because one tap of your finger and your iPhone will fall down. It would be nice if there was something that securely held it in kickstand mode.

A negative to the thickness of the wallet is that it does not work with inductive chargers. This is a pretty big concern for me as I'm used to tossing my iPhone on my charger. My workaround for this is to unfasten the wallet and have the iPhone rest on the charger. This seems to work well enough. I'm not sure that there ever could be a wallet case that could fully work with an inductive charger. It is also worth mentioning that Apple Pay does not work with this case.

Smooth claims their case is made from PU Leather. PU Leahter is often referred to as Bicast Leather. When leather is split a lower-grade of fibrous leather remains when the higher-grade grain layer is split off. Then the lower-grade layer is coated in polyurethane or vinyl giving the leather a nice uniform shine. Due to the process, the leather portion is used for the backing and is generally not visible. Smooth's case unfortunately does feel quite cheap because of the use of Bicast Leather. That being said the case does seem to be quite durable.

Smooth's lower quality leather is a trade off as their cases are just $15. I find this to be a fantastic value as this is truly one of the best wallet cases I've ever used. The feature set and price of Smooth's case outweigh the con of the lower quality leather. Smooth offers this case in Blue, Green, Red, Dark Grey, and Khaki for the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and X. If you are in the market for a new wallet case for your iPhone then you should definitely consider Smooth.

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