Resolving macOS Keychain Errors
One of the most annoying things about using a Macintosh with an Active Directory network login is that when an account's password is reset, it will not change the keychain password on macOS. You then are left with an ugly Keychain window when that user logs in. How do you possibly work around this annoying popup that just keeps bugging you until you do something about it? When this error first pops up the user is given three options: Continue Log In, Create New Keychain, or Update Keychain Password. The worst possible option to click is Continue Log In! This will cause some headache level errors that will just drive you insane! You will only want to click on Update Keychain Password if the user knows the old password. This leaves the last option Create New Keychain. Only click on this one if the user does not remember their old password. This will delete all of the user's saved passwords but will make macOS happy.

So, what if the user clicks on Continue Log In? They will see many annoying popups that just will not go away! There are two ways to resolve this: Delete the user account or reset the keychain.

To delete the user account:

Log out of the Active Directory network account
Log into a local administrative account
Navigate to /Users
Search for the network user's home folder
Delete it
Before emptying the trash, the Macintosh will need to be rebooted
Reboot the Mac and log back in as the local administrative account
Empty the trash and the Active Directory network user will be able to log in just fine

It is worth noting that this will delete all of the data they have locally saved on that Mac.

The second method is to reset the keychain. This will allow the user to save all their data but they will loose all their saved passwords.

While logged into the Active Directory account, ignore all the popups and click on Spotlight
Search for Keychain Access
Pull down the Keychain Access menu
Click on Preferences
Click on Reset My Default Keychain
Type in the user's current password
Click cancel on any pop up that may have popped up during the keychain reset
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