Resetting the Admin Account on macOS 10
It happens to best of us, we forget the password on our Macs and then we are completely out of luck! So, what can you do? There are two moderately easy methods of getting around this. Method 1 is to boot into the password reset tool, and Method 2 is to generate a new Admin account.

Method 1: Password Reset Utility

Boot into recovery mode by pressing ⌘ R
Pull the Utilities menu down to Terminal
Type resetpassword
A new window will open up
Select Macintosh HD (or whatever your hard disk's name is)
A list of usernames will appear so select your username
Type in your new password and reboot!

Method 2: Generate a new Admin Account

Boot into single user mode by holding ⌘ S at boot
Once your Macintosh displays a flashing cursor type in the following

mount -uw /
(Press return)
rm /var/db/.applesetupdone
(Press return)
(Press return)

This will boot your Mac into the setup utility. Proceed to setup the Mac as if it was a new computer
Once your Mac is at the Desktop, open System Preferences
Users & Groups
Select your original user account
Change Password…
Log back in as yourself and delete the new user account you made during the setup process

If you have any questions, or these steps did not resolve your issue, please!
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