Rebuilding the PowerBook 145b Pt. 2
The last time we met I was waiting for some parts for my PowerBook 145b. The display ribbon cable came in earlier this week and unfortunately it was the wrong part! The eBay auction mentioned it would work with the 145b but it sadly did not. Well technically it would work but it was much shorter than the original. Me being me I Frankensteined the PowerBook back together so everything would connect. I was really curious to see if it would work. I plugged in the PowerBook and nothing happened! So theres a few things that could also be happening with this PowerBook. The power supply could be dead, bad capacitors, burned out fuse, bad PRAM battery. At this point in time I don't know what is wrong with the unit. Stay tuned for part 3 (whenever that happens), without further ado here is a video of my struggles. Enjoy!

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