Range Leather Apple Watch Band Review
It's no lie, I love leather Apple Watch bands but I've never found one that met my standards. They all were made of cheap Genuine brand leather and would often crack overtime. When Range Leather contacted me to check out their new Apple Watch band I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. They were one of the first companies to promise a real leather watch band experience.

When I received their package I was a little off-put by how large the box was. I felt it was kind of wasteful to ship that big of a box for such a small product. When I opened up the box I instantly understood why. Not only do they ship you the watch band, they ship you a can of leather cream to help keep your investment in pristine condition. They also include some documentation about their process and what not.

Inside the box there is a small bag where the watch band sits. Once opening that bag you are greeted with a fantastic leather aroma. It's one of the best smells in the world... Like Apple's bands, they include a large and small strap. While I think their price is great for the product, it could help keep costs down if they did not include both straps in the box. It seems a little wasteful for me to have a smaller strap that I will not be using. The leather quality is exactly what you would expect from a real leather watch band. It's thick, it smells great, and has old world craftsmanship. Range Leather claims each watch band is made by hand and I can definitely tell that is the case. I've found myself smelling my watchband throughout my day and it just makes me happy.

Range Leather's slogan for this watch band is "Designed to wear in, not out". I was a tad confused by this at first as I initially thought it was just a bold claim to not wear this band outside. With all leather, exposure to direct sunlight will cause the leather to crack overtime and real leather is not waterproof. Range emailed me stating that their watch band was designed to get better with time instead of something you'd have to replace. They want it to be a real leather experience where the watch band gets softer overtime and becomes one of the most comfortable watch bands you own. In the week I've been using this watch band I can backup that claim as it truly is the most comfortable watch band I own.

When Range contacted me they asked me what metal finish I had on my Apple Watch. This was so they could send me a watch band with matching hardware. So whether you have an aluminum or stainless steel Apple Watch, Range will be able to color match. I can only assume this will be the case when the watch band is officially available for sale.

I have to say, the folks over at Range leather are some of the friendliest people I've worked with and they've crafted a truly special product. They should be very proud of what they've created. I want to reiterate that these are all my personal opinions and they did not tell me what to say. I would expect to pay at least $200 for a watch band like this and I can't believe they are able to get the price down to just $60 and if you pre-order you can save an additional 25% off your purchase. This is an incredible product and it is definitely something you should consider purchasing when thinking about a leather Apple Watch band.

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