Minecraft Apple TV Edition Review
I will make this review short and sweet. This game is incredible in every way possible. Imagine full Minecraft… on your Apple TV! This version takes a majority of the code set from Minecraft Pocket Edition and there's nothing wrong with that. Apple TV Edition is fast, fluent and looks amazing! I will say that it took me awhile to get used to using a controller instead of a mouse/keyboard. After a few hours of embarrassing game play I was able to get used to the controls and found myself crafting as fast as ever. One of my favorite features of the later updates of Pocket Edition is that people can host their own multiplayer servers and I was really happy to see Apple TV Edition supported that feature and it also can play on Pocket Edition multiplayer servers so I am able to pick up where I left off on all my devices without missing a beat. Apple TV Edition does not support Xbox Live login just yet though Microsoft has said it is coming very soon. As far as game play is concerned, Minecraft hardly stuttered on the Apple TV. It's a little known fact that the Apple TV is a beefy powerhouse computer and benchmarks similarly to the Xbox 360. Now that tvOS 10 no longer restricts games by requiring developers to have Siri Remote controls I can definitely see better games coming to Apple TV. Minecraft was definitely on my list of games that need to come to Apple TV. The next game I want to see is Grand Theft Auto though I haven't heard of any rumors of it coming yet. I don't think it would be too hard either because tvOS and iOS code is very similar and GTA for iOS already supports MFI controllers so I don't see it being very difficult to port it to tvOS. Getting back to Minecraft, it is a fantastic game and definitely worth the steep $20 but think of it this way, this is a full console game and usually console games are in the $60 ball park. Even the Xbox version costs $30 so in my eyes $20 is completely reasonable. Even-though it's only a day old, I am a huge fan and I cannot wait to play it again tonight!
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