Lux Woods Premium Apple Watch Straps Review
While Lux Woods did supply these bands for review, I will not let that influence my opinions. These watch bands feel fantastic. They are made from a premium selection of woods. The wood is very smooth and allows my wrist to breath. When you order a Lux Woods Apple Watch band, they will ask you to measure your wrist. This is so they can custom fit your watch band.

These bands are made up of wooden links with a stainless steel clasp and a black aluminum lug. I would love to see Lux woods offer their bands with a silver stainless steel lug as the black lugs feel out of place on my stainless steel Apple Watch. Lux Woods also includes bonus links in the package so you need to resize your watch band if need be. Over the week I've been wearing these bands I've found them to be quite durable. They've resisted liquid spills and scuffs very well.

Lux Woods offers their Apple Watch bands in four colors. Chanate, Ebony, BlackWood, and ZebraWood. As a fun note, my father used to turn pencils and pens out of ZebraWood. Personally I do not see a huge difference in appearance over the Ebony and BlackWood bands. The Ebony is just slightly lighter than the BlackWood. The Chanate band is a nice medium tone wood that resembles a tobacco color. I find that the Chanate compliments the stainless steel Apple Watch very well.

These are premium bands. They are made from quality wood that feel smooth on the wrist. Lux Woods offers the BlackWood, Chanate, and ZebraWood for just $60 and their Ebony band for just $65. I've not found any other wooden watch band that can compete with their quality and I cannot recommend Lux Woods any more highly.

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