JISONCase Slim Leather Case Review
When JISONCase reached out to me to check out their new line of slim leather cases I was really excited. While they did provide the case for review, I will not let that influence my opinions. I'll start off talking about the packaging. They have a very slim package that is fully recyclable. This case has a great vibrant shade of red with a great leather feel. There is also a really neat marble pattern on the back. This case is very similar to Apple's leather case design which is great as I love Apple's case design. Unlike Apple's case, this case has a slim profile meaning there is no screen lip. This does cause concern for me since if the iPhone is sat down on the screen, the iPhone's screen lays directly on the surface. This could also be a major concern if the iPhone was dropped on its screen. With that being said, I find it easier to activate the 3D-Touch gesture for Multitasking since there's not as much of a screen lip.

JISONCase claims this case is Genuine brand leather which means that this case is made from cheap type of leather. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a low-quality product. I find the build quality of this case very good. In the week I've been testing this case I have found that it is quite durable. Like Apple's case, this case is lined with micro-fiber so it helps protect your iPhone. This case has a very snug fit. Upon first inserting my iPhone I found the case didn't fully snap on. This resolved itself by working the leather for a few seconds.

A complaint I have about this case is that the volume and power buttons are just raised leather surfaces. Apple had this design for their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s leather cases. Apple then included machined metal buttons for their iPhone 7, 8, and X cases. I found that overtime with the Apple leather case the raised leather surfaces wore off making it almost impossible to find the volume and power buttons. I can only assume this case will follow suit as it ages. I've also found that the camera cutout isn't exactly centered around the iPhone's iSight camera.

Since this case is new, it is still very slick. This is something to keep in mind as the case wears in a little. I'd expect it to become a little less slick a few weeks after you purchase it. I can honestly say I love this case. It has a great feeling to it, the color is very vibrant, and it has a great thin profile. I don't care too much for the lack of screen lip and the leather buttons although it is a great trade off since you can purchase this case for just $20. That is a tremendous deal since Apple's leather case starts at $50. JISONCase offers the Slim Leather Case in Black, Brown, and Red for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. They offer the case in Black, Blue, Brown, and Red for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. They also offer the case in Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, and Red for the iPhone X. I highly suggest picking up one of these cases as they have a great build quality without breaking the bank.

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