iPad Pro Leather Sleeve Review
If you've been following my writing lately than you know than you know I recently upgraded to the 2017 iPad Pro (because a power surge fried my 2015 model). Since Apple redesigned the case and buttons a little, my iPad Pro Smart Case did not fit. I don't necessarily need back protection when I'm at home but when I'm out and about helping customers I know that something will scratch it. Sure I could've gone with a 3rd party case although they look horrible. So I picked up Apple's leather sleeve.


I picked up the saddle brown color as lately I have had an obsession. It feels great, defiantly feels like real leather. The top later has a nice texture and the bottom is smooth with an Apple logo stamped into it. The top and bottom are held together with a nice stitching. Inside the sleeve is a more unrefined leather feeling which is really soft and keeps iPad safe. What really attracted me to this sleeve is that it includes a place to store the Apple Pencil. I was really tempted to buy Apple's Apple Pencil case when they came out although I am glad I didn't since I bought this. I was curious if this sleeve would be able to hold the iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard attached and it was really tight the first time but over the past week or so it fits comfortably. Just know that this is stretching the leather and if you have iPad in the sleeve without the Smart Keyboard than it won't be as secure.


These sleeves are not cheap by any means. These are made of really high quality materials and I have no fear that it will tear apart anytime soon with my light to moderate handling. Apple's leather sleeve starts at $149 for the 10.5" model and $159 for the 12.9". This isn't for everyone and I don't think you absolutely need this. Like I mentioned I absolutely could've bought a more affordable 3rd party product with more protection and an Apple Pencil holder. I bought this because it looks and feels great. My father used to carry around a leather bound notebook to work and it's kind of fun for me to carry around, essentially my notebook, in a leather protector. At the end of the day you should consider this if you like the concept of carrying your iPad Pro in a sleeve and you like leather. I will say that these are incredibly hard to find especially in the saddle brown. Thankfully I was turned on to a discount store in the ghetto that had a damaged box discount where I was able to get a perfectly fine sleeve at a heavily reduced price.

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