Getting Fit with Apple Watch and Apple TV
The New Year is upon us and most of us have probably made our annual New Years resolution "I'm going to get fit this year" but when it comes towards mid year we completely give up on that. I am definitely one of those people. I am a "thin challenged" individual and I've wanted to drop the weight and keep it off for quite sometime now and I believe I can do it this year by using the devices I already have. I don't like going to a gym to have everyone else judge me. Here are a few great applications that I have been using on my Apple Watch and Apple TV to get some exercise into my daily routine.

Apple Watch

The stock Workout should not be ignored, it is quite fantastic. I use it every time I take a walk through the park or take a swim at the local pool. There are a lot of fitness applications for the Apple Watch but to be completely honest, they all suck. I've just about used them all and theres not a lot of love and care that goes into them. So for the most part the stock Workouts app is my number one choice for Apple Watch.

Apple TV

Apple TV to me has been a runaway success, I love watching television on it (shocking I know) but I have also found it to be a great exercise companion!

Hit Tennis 3: This is a great application because it is very similar to the Nintendo Wii as it allows you to swing the tennis racket on the screen with the Siri Remote. The hardest part about exercising is keeping entertained and I think this game has been a great tool because it completely distracts me from the fact that I am actually exercising. The game is not too graphically pleasing but for me I have been using my imagination to make up back stories for the characters in the game. Essentially you pick where you want to play tennis and then the app generates a character to complete with. Each location has its own set of characters and they're essentially just cartoon drawings with a name so it's pretty easy to make up back stories. I wonder about my neighbors because at night when I am playing Hit Tennis 3 I am essentially just yelling at the characters with trash talk because they're all lying cheating wastes of human flesh (lol.) Joking aside I don't remember how much it costed me (or even if it was free) but it's a fantastic game.

Yoga Studio: Most people think that yoga is just for women and I completely disagree with that. This app was $2.99 and so worth it. Yoga is all about strengthening muscles and relaxing as well as learning breathing techniques. The most beneficial section of this app is the back pain classes as I suffer from bad back pain and this app essentially had me twisting and turning to the point where it felt like I just went to the chiropractor. While I use this app I like to turn on the yoga workout mode in the Workouts app on Apple Watch so it can keep track of my progress. Hopefully one day I can take down Timothy! Talk about needing to do some trash talking! We've been using the Activity sharing on Apple Watch and he totally kicks my butt every day! I feel I need to run a marathon just to keep up with him!

I am still in search for the perfect bowling game for Apple TV, right now they're all pretty terrible. My favorite is still Kinect Bowling for the Xbox 360. Theres a few bowling games for Apple TV that are almost there but still haven't gotten to that point where I wish to actually play them. Non of them integrate with Game Center, non allow you to turn off the in-app music (as I like to stream from Apple Music when I play), all of them have really complex controls. I just want to swing the Siri Remote and have the ball roll down the isle, it does not sound that hard to me. Maybe one of the developers will read this and take my advise.

At the end of the day it's not just about how much exercise you get but it's also about what you put into your body. Something I heard on an episode of Transformers Animated really stuck with me. It was an episode where the bots turn into humans and they all realize that they needed to eat. Of course they all related eating to fueling up and all of the bots ate hamburgers where-as one bot (Prowl) at a salad and his response was that he was eating the clean burning fuel. So that made me think of food not only as a fuel source but how human bodies burn the fuel we intake. The biggest change for me was the introduction of whey protein into my diet. I'll preface this with the fact that I don't like to diet and I have recently found out that I am an under-eater opposed to an over-eater. When the human body does not receive adequate fuel it will retain what it already has. This tells the body to not burn the fuel and to store it which puts the body in starvation mode. This has been very challenging as I have a very busy schedule and it's really hard for me to find time to eat. So getting back to the whey protein, I buy a bunch of canned/frozen fruit from the super market and blend the whey powdered in with the fruit making fruit protein smoothies. It is much easier for me to drink one of these instead of eating because food takes time to prepare and I literally just throw all this crap into a blender and blend it for 20 seconds. Usually one blender full makes about 4 smoothies which I then drink throughout the day. One of these smoothies give me my daily fruit intake as well as plenty protein. When comparing protein to sugar, they're both substances when burned in the body produce energy. The biggest difference is that when sugar isn't burnt it gets stored as fat where-as protein will always burn and never gets stored as fat and then when you exercise the protein turns into muscle.

I should mention that I am definitely no health expert but I have really gotten into using Apple devices to improve my health and Apple's HealthKit framework has been one of the best innovations from Apple in a long time. I take my blood pressure with the Withings cuff, I track weight and temperature with the Health app, all my meals get funneled through HealthKit as well as all my vitamins so when I go to a doctor all I have to do is show them the Heath app and it answers any question they have. So here's to what I hope is a successful journey to weight loss and overall improvement to my lifestyle as I hope to be around for a long time writing these articles and producing podcasts (lol.) I have the vision of being in the nursing home at age 95 recording the Your Geek Needs podcast after my hot nurse sponge bath and my afternoon pudding and I can't fulfill my dream if I don't get healthier now!
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