GadgetWraps Silicone and Nylon Apple Watch Band Review
While GadgetWraps did provide these watchband for review, I will not let that influence my opinions. GadgetWraps currently sells two kinds of Apple Watch bands, Silicone and Nylon. GadgetWraps' intent was to create lower-cost versions of Apple's offerings that still maintained high quality products.

Talking specifically about third-party silicone Apple Watch bands, usually your first impression is that they have a higher amount of friction. When you feel Apple's silicone band your fingers will glide over the surface because their material is one of which that creates a low friction surface which is great for comfort. Most third-party bands can become uncomfortable over time because their "temporary" anti-friction coating wears off. GadgetWrap's bands are very unique as they are the only third-party silicone Apple Watch band that seems to have gotten the anti-friction coating right. This isn't to say it is perfect, it is however leaps and bounds better than the competition. After one week of wearing their silicone bands, they still feel very smooth and very comfortable. Another point of interest when talking about third-party silicone Apple Watch bands is the band thickness. Apple's bands are very thick which can lead to more comfort as the material is allowed to expand and retract throughout the day like the human wrist. While GadgetWraps' bands have a good thickness, I'd like to see future revisions incorporate a thicker design.

Something fun people do with silicone Apple Watch bands is mix-and-match the colors. For instance I like the black and orange color combination so one part of the band can be from a black set and the other part be from an orange set. GadgetWraps' bands are compatible with Apple's silicone bands meaning you can use one part of Apple's band with a GadgetWraps'. GadgetWraps has a huge selection of 21 colors! When GadgetWraps reached out to me they asked me to pick a few colors. I had a few colors in mind that I had been wanting and GadgetWraps had them! Like with any silicone Apple Watch band, GadgetWraps' are waterproof and they are very easy to clean.

Now talking specifically about third-party nylon Apple Watch bands. It is not the easiest task to make a nylon watch band. Unlike a silicone band where you can pour a material into a mold, nylon bands have to be woven and the edges have to be melted so the band does not unravel. Nylon bands are some of my favorites as they are a light-weight breathable material. GadgetWraps' nylon bands are some of the best third-party nylon Apple Watch bands I've seen to date. To be honest, they look and feel exactly like Apple's bands. I've been extremely impressed with the craftsmanship that went into making these bands. A huge point of failure for nylon bands is the fastening loop. This is the small loop on the end of the band that allows the wearer to tightly adhere the remaining part of the band to the rest. These will often instantly fall apart as they are not designed to handle the amount of friction moving nylon puts off. I have not seen any sign that GadgetWraps' loops will fail. GadgetWraps also offers their nylon bands in seven great color combinations. I personally love their Red on Sand band as it has a fun retro look.

The real magic behind GadgetWraps' bands are that they cost just $5. Usually when you pay less than $20 for a silicon or nylon band that it will be total garbage but I can honestly say that these bands are built to last. If somehow you damage your GadgetWraps band, they will sell you a new one at 50% off. It has been a true joy to work with the people at GadgetWraps over the past few weeks. They seem to understand the personal touch that most companies seem to forget these days. I highly recommend you give GadgetWraps a shot when considering a new Apple Watch band.
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