Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad Review
As most of you know, recently I purchased the iPhone 8 Plus and am loving every minute of it! For a little back story, I have a really hard time going to sleep and I found if I watch YouTube videos they will distract me from my racing mind and after awhile I actually get tired. For awhile I was watching YouTube on my iPhone, right at the point I get sleepy I will turn the video off and plug my iPhone in. Unfortunately it's really hard to find the lightening port on iPhone in the dark so I thought the answer was the Lightening Dock. Nope. The Lightening Dock looks great on my nightstand but it's nearly impossible to get iPhone in the right angle/position especially in the dark! Struggling to get my iPhone plugged in was waking me back up undoing all the work I put into getting to sleep. So I started just siting my iPhone on my nightstand but the problem is that in the morning I need my iPhone to be at 100% and usually it would be at 20%. So I looked into getting another device for bed that would fit this concern. I looked at an iPod touch and it was a really attractive device for the price. I then notified that iPad mini was just $100 more and had a larger display with louder speakers so I ended up going with that. I like iPad mini because I could just sit it aside at the right time and drift off to sleep without the worry of having a dead iPhone in the morning.

Why am I telling you all this? With iPhone 8/X's Qi charging, I imagined a world where I could just sit my iPhone on the nightstand without the fuss of plugging it in and the worry I would have a dead iPhone. Why change this when I already have the iPad mini? Money is tight and if I could buy a $40 charging pad and sell my iPad mini for $400 then I would come out of it making a few dollars and essentially have everything I want. Plus iPhone 8's display is so much brighter, righcher, and has True Tone. Plus iPhone 8's speakers are way louder than iPad mini's.

So I ran out to Best Buy one afternoon and purchased a Belkin Qi charging pad. Long story short, my iPhone would vibrate off the pad, it would emit a loud high pitch tone, and it would not always charge my iPhone. Plus it had this sun-grade bright blinking light which I had to put a couple of layers of duct tape on so I would wake up during the night by it. Seriously this thing could have replaced Rudolf to guide Santa. I returned it a week later. I honestly could have put up with it because it was really convenient but instead I purchased another Belkin charging pad that was sold at an Apple retail location, and no way Jose was I buying a Samsung one! figure this one probably had some Apple influence when being designed as Apple and Belkin have been known to do collaboration products in the past.


This charging pad features a nice round white design so it fits in really nicely with my other Apple docks. What is also really nice is that there is a rubber gripper on the top so your iPhone doesn't slide off! I have not seen this on any other charging pad and I feel for that reason alone this is the best designed charging pad. There is also a rubber gripper on the bottom so the charging pad doesn't move/slide. This pad also has a charging indicator light but thankfully it doesn't light our darkest hour (extra credit points if you understood the reference). You also can set your iPhone on this pad in a way that covers up the light. The first Belkin charging pad I mentioned before featured a micro-USB lead into the charging pad, the charging pad Belkin sells at Apple features a proprietary AC in jack. Okay it may not be proprietary but it is not commonly used by anything. I know a lot of people like the connivence of using micro-USB, in 2017 there aren't a lot of devices still using it plus I've had so many of those micro-USB ports break on me. I like this charging connector because it feels very sturdy and I don't feel it'll snap off. That being said, Apple's AirPower charging pad uses a Lightening connection and that would be the best solution.


As it has been pointed out in the media, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X do not use the quick charge standard so this charging pad will only charge your iPhone at 5V 2.3A. Now you don't have to know what that means but essentially any charging pad will charge iPhone at the same speeds as the standard Apple USB plug (that comes with iPhone). While yes it would be nice if it could transfer power a tad faster, I usually set my iPhone on the pad before bed and it has plenty of time to charge overnight. If I need to charge my iPhone as quickly as possible than I can just use my iPad's 29W USB-C charger. Since iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X support quick charge, iPhone can charge up to 70% in 15 minutes using the higher wattage chargers.


A Qi charging pad is not essential to using your iPhone, it's a luxury accessory. You're already paying a premium for an iPhone (or mostly any smartphone in general) and it's hard to justify another $40 to charge your iPhone when iPhone already comes with a charger. For me I really needed a way to charge my iPhone without plugging it in and at least I'll sell my iPad mini and get that money back. That being said, it's so cool! don't think this is for everyone, not yet at least but if you have a situation similar to mine then you should really consider this charging pad. From the charging pads I have used and the research I did online, this seems to be the best out there. Of course if you have an Android device that supports quick charging over Qi then you're probably going to want to go with Samsung's quick charge pads.

To clarify, this is not wireless charging, this is inductive charging. While yes there is no wire connecting your iPhone to the charger, there is still a wire connecting the charger to an outlet. Wireless charging by very definition states that there are no external wires involved for the flow of electricity. What I'd love to see one day is a device (that kinda looks like the old AirPort Express) that you plug into your wall and it emits electric. This technology is almost ready for a consumer product so I am very excited to see what the future holds. At the end of the day, this is a fantastic product and it's really hard for me to recommend any other charging pad as this one does just about everything I would want. Plus it has a really good looking design.
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