AirPods Review
This may be one of the most anticipated Apple gadgets of 2017. After many delays (which I have talked about in previous articles) the Apple AirPods are out! Let's keep this review short and sweet. AirPods come in a once size fit all package so if you cannot use the Apple EarPods don't bother as they are a very similar shape. For those that can fit EarPods comfortably you will want to run out and get the AirPods as soon as possible! They are d**n good. I've been using them for a little while now and they are way better sounding than Apple's stock EarPods. Way better. I was listening to some heavy bass music this morning while getting my day in order and I thought I heard a crash in my living room when in reality it was just part of the song. I also listened to a song that had some clicking in it and it felt that there was something clicking in the back of my throat. It's a crazy illusion that's hard to describe with words.


AirPods are one size fits all so if your ears cant fit them you are completely out of luck because they are an incredible product. In my testing they didn't fall out but if they do you cannot find them. As said by the popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro "AirPods being white are great because if they were black and you dropped them you could never find them." I completely agree with that statement because if they were black and you dropped them you'd be paying for more. That being said I'm not 100% confident I could find them if they dropped so it would be nice if there was a Find My AirPods service or if they could play a loud audible tone or flashed a bright light. AirPods also look ridiculous. I'm not going to sugar coat that, I don't think they look like an attractive product when placed in the ear but maybe I just need to get used to it. That being said they are like that for good reason.


Since AirPods have that long stem it can get the microphones closer to your mouth, they can hold bigger batteries, and most importantly they can sound better. AirPods have a 5 hour battery life and can recharge up to 24 hours from the case. No other product that I know of does that. Along with the impressive battery life is the amazing sound they reproduce. Bass is deep and they sound really clear. I'm no audiophile but I can appreciate good sound over crap. AirPods are seemingly to be drop and water resistant too from tests that were conducted online. Now for the most incredible feature of the AirPods. After paired with your iPhone they use Handoff to extend them to all of your Apple devices (except Apple TV.) With my other set of Bluetooth headphones I have to put them in pairing mode and dive into Bluetooth settings every time I use them with another device. It's incredibly inconvenient. AirPods just act like any other AirPlay device. Now with the Apple TV. Unless I'm missing something you have to pair them manually as a bluetooth device in Settings. But they do work. Then when you want to use AirPods on another device they will automatically reconnect. AirPods do have a couple gestures via the built in accelerometers and sensors. Audio start/stops when you put/remove AirPods from your ears. You can also call up Siri by double tapping either side.


If they fit your ears you need to buy these because they make your music sound better and you never have to deal with that d**n headphone wire again! I'm always catching that wire on kitchen cabinets, door knobs, EVERYTHING! That's worth price of admission for me.
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